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Worst. Sound. Ever.

Just close your eyes and imagine your Uncle Fred in the bathroom trying to pass that kidney stone…

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Man Steal Own Bike, Doesn’t Get Caught

This is kinda like an Onion article in real life. I do like the power tool version though.

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Drag Race, Extreme Version

You really do have to give the style points to the plane.

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Tickle Me Elmo?

This is what happens when parents are sleep-deprived and have a video camera. Nothing good can come from that situation (except this video).

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First Words

I’m not sure which is stranger, the giving birth sounds or the just born sounds. Either way, I think I just crossed a line by sharing this video…my bad.

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Bromancing the Stone

Never go lower back.

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Note to Self…

…don’t fall asleep next to Splash Mountain. Or, what I think actually happened, don’t fall asleep in your stroller and then have your asshole parents park you in the one spot that gets drenched every 60 seconds just to take … Continue reading

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Moves Like Jagger

I’m torn between saying that this kid reminds me of most drunk grandpa’s that you see dancing at weddings…and me on any given weekend night. I’m leaning more towards me (but not as cute).

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Let’s Be Honest

Sounds like a pretty good setup to me. Sometimes honesty really is the best policy!

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Definitive Dub-Step How-To

Doesn’t make the music any better, but at least now I understand a little more about what is going on…

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Dollar Shave Club

I’m pretty sure that this is a legit company too…which makes the commercial even that much more amazing.

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Earth Juice!

Easy there big fella, I’m pretty sure there is no such product. So sit back down, enjoy the rest of the video, and keep sipping on your tonic water with lime.

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