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Worst. Sound. Ever.

Just close your eyes and imagine your Uncle Fred in the bathroom trying to pass that kidney stone…

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Man Steal Own Bike, Doesn’t Get Caught

This is kinda like an Onion article in real life. I do like the power tool version though.

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Note to Self…

…don’t fall asleep next to Splash Mountain. Or, what I think actually happened, don’t fall asleep in your stroller and then have your asshole parents park you in the one spot that gets drenched every 60 seconds just to take … Continue reading

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Definitive Dub-Step How-To

Doesn’t make the music any better, but at least now I understand a little more about what is going on…

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Big Kids, Little Playground

I feel like nothing better could have happened in this scenario. From my viewpoint at least.

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Snow Flip

I am a little curious as to why he chose that particular landing position? “I figure the safest place to land is on my face”…?

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Highest Shallow Dive

First off, at what point do we get to say “hey, that’s actually a belly-flop, not a dive”? And second, I love the concentration levels all around. For the aforementioned belly-flop.

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Top 100 First World Problems

I’d take out a couple of the Justin Bieber’s to add in: The guy in front of me doesn’t know what he wants at Starbucks and asks the barista to describe each drink to him. I don’t get cell reception … Continue reading

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The Future of America

Just think, when you are old and drive slow and live in Florida, these are the people that will be running our country. And deciding what kind of benefits you get. Or if you live or die. Wow.

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The Kiss

Silent films are creepy enough, you don’t have to add more to make it creepier. At least there are no clowns in this one.

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Quick Hands

That’s…that’s…that’s just cold man.

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How To Destroy Your Washing Machine

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