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Snow Flip

I am a little curious as to why he chose that particular landing position? “I figure the safest place to land is on my face”…?

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Punk Pipes

Evidently his name is “The Bad Piper”. I’m not sure if that’s such a great marketing move, like calling yourself the Shitty Plumber.

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Look Ma, No Hands

I hope one day my time will come, and I will find my purpose in this universe like this guy obviously has…

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Note to Self

This is all good to know today. It is my birthday, and I’m guessing that I may drink enough for this to happen. Wheee! Spinning!

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Wait for It….

Every single one of you have wanted to do it before…and now we can live vicariously through this guy who finally did. Well played, good sir.

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Run Away!

This is why I love the internet – you never know just what you are going to get.

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Camel Race

I think camel’s may be the internet’s new honey badger, because this one sure doesn’t appear to care at all.

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Silent Drunk Films

I’m not really sure how this guy is still alive at this point, but he does make for some entertaining viewing.

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How-To Pick Up Drunk Chicks

Wait. Did that really just happen how I think it happened? I’m going to need to see more footage…

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Lady Boy is a Boss

Don’t let the makeup and the dress fool you…that dude can drink.

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Medieval Times

What happens when you have a few drinks, don some armor, and go out to play with some bows and arrows? This.

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Walking Fail

What’s worse than being too drunk at an amusement park? Being too drunk in the Fun-House at the amusement park.

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