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Moves Like Jagger

I’m torn between saying that this kid reminds me of most drunk grandpa’s that you see dancing at weddings…and me on any given weekend night. I’m leaning more towards me (but not as cute).

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Punk Pipes

Evidently his name is “The Bad Piper”. I’m not sure if that’s such a great marketing move, like calling yourself the Shitty Plumber.

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Shadow Fighting

And, in today’s addition to the crush list, is Lindsey Stirling. She can play the violin, she can dance, and she’s got a pretty good sense of fun.

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Die Antwoord

Is anyone else amused by an elderly David Letterman having Die Antwoord on his show? Just me? Ok then. Is anyone else scared shitless of those contacts? It can’t just be me on this one.

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International Breakdance Event

Somewhere along the way, breakdancing became a strictly athletic event. And it is awesome.

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Fresh Zebra

You probably thought that this zebra was alive….nope, Chuck Testa.

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When PBS Explores New Ground

Just like any other PBS style documentary. Until the end, when out of nowhere it turns into a music video. Say what now?

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Fresh Jams

he Fresh Prince of Bel-Air gets a little update. I’m going to have to go back and start watching this show again now…

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Wait for It….

Every single one of you have wanted to do it before…and now we can live vicariously through this guy who finally did. Well played, good sir.

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Huff + Puff

Direct from Kenya to you in your living room – one of the crazier music videos I’ve seen lately. And the song is sweet too.

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Everyday I’m Shufflin’

The secret of staying young? Dance.

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Great Wall Dubstep

Ok, this guy is pretty good. I’ll let this one pass.

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