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Tickle Me Elmo?

This is what happens when parents are sleep-deprived and have a video camera. Nothing good can come from that situation (except this video).

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Moves Like Jagger

I’m torn between saying that this kid reminds me of most drunk grandpa’s that you see dancing at weddings…and me on any given weekend night. I’m leaning more towards me (but not as cute).

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Let’s Be Honest

Sounds like a pretty good setup to me. Sometimes honesty really is the best policy!

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Going Backwards

Things look almost peaceful when they are going backwards.

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Top 100 First World Problems

I’d take out a couple of the Justin Bieber’s to add in: The guy in front of me doesn’t know what he wants at Starbucks and asks the barista to describe each drink to him. I don’t get cell reception … Continue reading

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60 Second Harry Potter

In it’s entirety, here is the Harry Potter movies. In 60 seconds, just like Nicolas Cage.

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Damn Dirty Kids

The saddest part is how happy the guy is at the first twin’s “cleanliness”.

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Obviously, in this dog’s eyes, ping pong is the best. game. EVER! This is also one of the reasons why I love dogs.

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I Want a Penguin

How can you possibly watch this and not want one of your own?!?

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Best Decision of Your Life

Oh man, I wish I had been able to say this.

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Bobble Soccer

I don’t care what you think, this looks like fun!

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Happy Birthday Betty White

Without getting into anything political at all, that guy is pretty damn awesome. As is Betty White.

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