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Definitive Dub-Step How-To

Doesn’t make the music any better, but at least now I understand a little more about what is going on…

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Hotdog Eats Batman

This is another one of those videos that I just don’t know about. I’m sure that there is some sort of back story to this, but I’m just not privy to it…so it’s just strange instead.

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Telephone, Visually

You know the game that kids play in line, so that they are occupied and teachers don’t really have to watch them? Repeat one thing, over and over and over again, from person to person, and see what you get.

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He-Man vs LMFAO

Gotta love He-Man, especially when he shakes his money-maker.

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The Lion King Rises

I’m trying to remember back to the Lion King trailer, and wondering how much actual editing had to go into this to fit them up properly. And I’m thinking it’s not that much.

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OK Go vs The Muppets

I’m usually not a huge fan of remixes, but if anyone could do the Muppet Song like it should be done, it is definitely OK Go.

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Stewie Wins!

What every male in this world wants right now…

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Ukrainian Light Show

It’s a longer video than I normally post, but damn if that isn’t some pretty sweet animation. Worth watching.

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Merry Calvin and Hobbes

Dammit, I miss Calvin and Hobbes, I miss Bill Waterson, and I weep for a generation of children who won’t grow up with either of them.

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Merry Christmas!

I know, I probably could have found something more “Christmas” and less “psychotic”, but that just wouldn’t fit the general theme of this blog. So suck it and enjoy.

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Santa Power

This reindeer has Santa power! Also, not sure if you notice, but Santa evidently is now a pink man who wear sh

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Star Wars Scrooged

What if Star Wars were told by someone who really didn’t like the movie? Well, first, they’d be shot, then this is what we’d get.

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