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Worst. Sound. Ever.

Just close your eyes and imagine your Uncle Fred in the bathroom trying to pass that kidney stone…

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First Words

I’m not sure which is stranger, the giving birth sounds or the just born sounds. Either way, I think I just crossed a line by sharing this video…my bad.

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Earth Juice!

Easy there big fella, I’m pretty sure there is no such product. So sit back down, enjoy the rest of the video, and keep sipping on your tonic water with lime.

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Going Backwards

Things look almost peaceful when they are going backwards.

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I’m Not Fat, I’m Just a Little Husky

I wish I had one of these. I’d let my dog use it for a while, until he was tired, and then I’d probably jump on up and take a few spins…

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Infinite Sheep

Sooner or later that driver is going to fall asleep from counting all those sheep. Had to be said.

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Obviously, in this dog’s eyes, ping pong is the best. game. EVER! This is also one of the reasons why I love dogs.

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I Want a Penguin

How can you possibly watch this and not want one of your own?!?

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Boots and Cats

Next time someone sends you the “Baby Monkey Riding Backwards on a Pig” video, reply with this. Just as singably addictive…

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The Many Faces of Rex

Real or fake? You decide! And then keep your damn opinion to yourself, no one cares.

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It’s Bats, Man

Turns out that what seemed like just a couple bats chilling was more than anyone expected.

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Fresh Zebra

You probably thought that this zebra was alive….nope, Chuck Testa.

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