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Drag Race, Extreme Version

You really do have to give the style points to the plane.

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Tickle Me Elmo?

This is what happens when parents are sleep-deprived and have a video camera. Nothing good can come from that situation (except this video).

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First Words

I’m not sure which is stranger, the giving birth sounds or the just born sounds. Either way, I think I just crossed a line by sharing this video…my bad.

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Snow Flip

I am a little curious as to why he chose that particular landing position? “I figure the safest place to land is on my face”…?

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Hotdog Eats Batman

This is another one of those videos that I just don’t know about. I’m sure that there is some sort of back story to this, but I’m just not privy to it…so it’s just strange instead.

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I’m Not Fat, I’m Just a Little Husky

I wish I had one of these. I’d let my dog use it for a while, until he was tired, and then I’d probably jump on up and take a few spins…

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60 Second Harry Potter

In it’s entirety, here is the Harry Potter movies. In 60 seconds, just like Nicolas Cage.

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Damn Dirty Kids

The saddest part is how happy the guy is at the first twin’s “cleanliness”.

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Bouncy Spice

I definitely miss Isaiah Mustafa in this role, but I laughed out loud at the boob twitch, so it’s a tie.

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Infinite Sheep

Sooner or later that driver is going to fall asleep from counting all those sheep. Had to be said.

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Obviously, in this dog’s eyes, ping pong is the best. game. EVER! This is also one of the reasons why I love dogs.

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I Want That Couch!

The first one. And the blender, although I’m sure that it already exists somewhere…

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